Notes. Moderately invasive. Oregano, commonly called "the pizza herb," is one of the most widely-used culinary and medicinal herbs worldwide. Formerly listed botanically as Origanum heracleoticum, Greek Oregano is one very spicy herb. Less invasive than the more common Italian types. Greek Oregano does best in the Spring and Fall when temperatures are cooler. Greek oregano produces an abundance of leaves early and remains productive until late fall. Grow oregano from seed or purchased plants in well-drained soil with full sun. It requires well drained soil, at least 6 hours of sun, and be careful not to overwater as too much moisture can be destructive. They are so determined in fact, that mulching only makes them go farther. Christian Bauer. Moderately invasive. Greek oregano (Origanum heracleoticum) is the standard culinary variety. It has a strong, sweet pungent smell. If you would like an herb with less invasive growth buy the Italian Oregano. Harvest a few sprigs at a time after the shoots are 4-5” tall. Bloom time: Oregano blooms midsummer to early fall. Because oregano can be invasive, it is an excellent choice for growing in containers. Features. Greek Oregano. Plant Greek oregano and golden marjoram but keep them well apart. Reply. margaret says: June 19, 2008 at 1:43 pm Welcome, Andrea, to A Way to Garden. 'Origanum vulgaris', often known as 'Wild Marjoram', is an extremely invasive plant with a pink flower. Growth habit. Italian oregano (Origanum. "Hirtum" means "hairy," which helps to distinguish it somewhat from the wild marjoram, but your tongue can better help you out. The plant tends to spread by invasive underground stems. Greek Oregano has a flavour so intense it numbs the end of the tongue when fresh. Here are a few things to keep in mind when growing oregano in containers: Oregano needs well-draining soil. Origanum vulgare ssp. Greek Oregano is one very spicy herb and is by far the best oregano in the world. They happily reseed themselves. 6 – 30 inches. Gather sprigs as needed in the kitchen. This sub-species has a much stronger flavour than the type[238]. Don’t overcrowd plants. It is naturalized in the northeastern United States, occasionally found around the sites of very old gardens or abandoned farms. In the Garden Greek Oregano is an invasive plant that will quickly spread throughout your garden so you will have to cut it back often or plant it in a container to … Greek Oregano Read More » Search for your Plant. Greek oregano, like all culinary oreganos, bears white flowers and has an intense flavor when fresh; oreganos with pink flowers are most often the tasteless and invasive wild marjoram from which the pungent subspecies O. vulgare hirtum arose. Check them out in the pic above. Notes. It does not spread as vigorously as common oregano and used to flavor tomato sauces, pizzas, meat, and fish recipes. Harvesting. Oregano is an important flavouring herb in Mediterranean cookery, and is often used dried rather than fresh[238]. The variety you don’t want to get is Origanum vulgaris it has no flavor, is invasive, has a pink flower (the flavorful variety has a white flower) and may be referred to as wild marjoram. If you want to grow oregano for cooking, get hold of either straight O. vulgare, aka marjoram or Greek oregano, or O. vulgare subsp hirtum, which packs a much more significant punch. Oregano is cultivated for use as a herb, predominantly in Italian or Greek dishes, where it can be used fresh or dried. Invasive Species Control ; Deer Management Program ... Home. I … Both the same plant but different varieties, with marjoram being a bit milder. There are lots of different varieties and the recommended ones are granny’s old fashioned or spearmint. Origanum vulgaris, often known as Wild Marjoram, is an extremely invasive plant with a pink flower. In most climates, mints and other members of the mint family, which include oregano and all the balms, are very invasive. The leaves are used as a flavouring for salad dressings, vegetables and legumes, and are frequently included in strongly flavoured dishes with chillies, garlic, onions etc[2, 13, 21, 27, 183, 238]. Its aroma is amazing, and the taste compliments so many dishes, especially Italian, Greek… Biocultural value. Mint (Mentha) Mint can be an invasive plant, but if you plant it in a bucket or bottomless container sunk in the ground, you can contain it somewhat. Oregano (Origanum vulgare) in flower. Always use a good potting soil in the containers, not garden soil. Add this to any red sauce and you can call it a meal. Authentic Greek oregano can be grown from seeds or plants. Oregano is closely related to marjoram but has a coarser texture and a stronger flavour.
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