THE BLOOM TIMES Set of 3 Small Fake Plants Plastic Rustic Faux Potted Greenery Eucalyptus Boxwood Artificial Plants in Pots for Home Office Desk Farmhouse Bathroom Kitchen Shelf Indoor Decor. Blue & White GIVEAWAY: Beyond The Curb with Collins Interiors. I know when many people hear Mexico, their minds go to Cabo or Cancun (or El Chappo). With temperatures cold enough for a fireplace on summer evenings and sunshine-filled afternoons for strolling along cobblestone streets, there is a European flair to this city infused with colonial Mexican culture. ); 12 inches wide (At the widest point of the tree. I am not the greatest about remembering to water either. This Artificial Double Ball Floor Boxwood Topiary in Pot will keep its shape and look fresh for years, without water or trimming. You made me laugh with the comments about your dog. Also, I have family in Greece right now, and their pictures have me totally inspired. I also feel I have seen so many blue front doors recently (I am in Florida after all). It’s wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays. I put them in another planter and laid small pond rocks around them. They are the first thing you see upon entering a space. Spitzmiller is the master of his craft, so it is no wonder that his upstate New York home would be crafted with the same meticulous eye for detail. Part of my problem is the time constraint as well! XO. I typically don’t like boxwoods, but they look so much better in a pot, it looks like a whole new plant to me!! Imagine my delight when I see the latest Architectural Digest, featuring a cover-worthy,  glossy and in-depth look at their home at Clove Brook Farm. I will say, my favorite kind of front door knob is one in the middle of the door. My boxwood in the flowerbeds grows fine and comes back every year. My boxwood has gone all winter at my front door without hardly a drop. Let me show you why they are so fantastic. $12.00 +$6.00 shipping. Cute porch ideas…I, too, am the forgetful waterer. If used as a potted accent, add a hole for proper drainage. I especially like when the knob is low lying and expertly placed. It’s a necessary step, because potted shrubs aren’t as tough during winters as those in ground (because the roots can freeze). A knock, a ring, and a turn on the knob can place you into a different space and different world. I have a friend who is helping her parents spruce up their front door for spring. ); Potted Container (Container measuring 6 inches tall, 6.5 inches across the top and 6 inches across the bottom.) I won’t have to buy so many flowers and water as many pots so often. They’re one of my all time favorite shrubs, and I have several in pots and some which have outgrown the pots and gone to live in the yard. This is such a good idea. I hope you will agree! I love, L.O.V.E potted boxwoods! That’s why it’s so important to decorate your front porch and yard right to leave a lasting impression, and I’m here to help you! Thanks for the great idea. Ideal for any decor, it also makes a great gift. It's also recommended to lay a sponge directly over the drainage hole to help hold moisture. I’ve never even considered whether boxwood would even grow here in the AZ desert, but I’m going to check that out. While boxwoodtakes any garden from shabby to chic in the blink of an eye, you better choose wisely. And, one busy husband. I would think it would be okay in pots too. Thanks for sharing your pretty pots. I really like the look of this item which in your photo is next to your front door. 4.4 out of 5 stars 231. . They are so full and the perfect size. You can keep your boxwood topiary alive and well by giving attention to a few details to … Plant them in an oversized pot or a window box, and they'll give your front door a striking pop of color. I guess you could say, I never understood the appeal until I discovered an entirely different breed of pocket doors. gesh…..those little fake boxwood balls at the craft store?? I adore this updated tudor with an industrial front door. It’s all a process. We want to get some boxwoods for in the ground at home in our landscaping but I hadn’t thought to pot them! Melissa! Apr 3, 2016 - Explore The Potted Boxwood's board "Potted Boxwood", followed by 2592 people on Pinterest. Your porch is lovely and the boxwoods look great in every season. Your boxwood looks amazing! Enjoy this simple and stately arrangement of doors that will have you rushing to the nearest paint store. I absolutely love walking up to this lovely porch! I especially love it against a freshly white painted home. HEBE 20 Inch Large Green Front Door Wreath Artificial Greenery Boxwood Welcome Door Wreath for Front Door Indoor Outdoor Wall Home Spring Summer Holiday Decor 4.2 out of 5 stars 25 $34.99 $ 34 . You just rocked my world. It is always the thought that counts, but that gets hard after 9 years of saying he will fix the running toilet. While it might be true that it is what’s inside that counts, potted boxwood have the subtle ability to let you know it’s worth opening the door. Let’s be honest, the front door is the first impression of the home. Exactly what I need for the entry to my front porch. Love your seasonal decorations too!! Add a lush, sophisticated touch of nature to your home or office with the 2-Tier Potted Boxwood Topiary. I’ve never tried potting boxwood, I’ve planted it before. I had never thought to plant these in a pot but need all the help I can get to NOT have to water. I live in northern Michigan where winters sometimes get to zone 4. I really can’t say enough about the enchanting San Miguel de Allende in the hills of Mexico. While he claimed to be upset because “he could do it easily,” I also saw a big sign of satisfaction that I took executive action. and many non-potted. I love boxwoods! Christina Dandar. The problem is that he often attempts to fix things, and in turn we sometimes still have to call an expert out eventually. Great idea! New paint and hardware can change everything! I have a friend who is helping her parents spruce up their front door for spring. I have 2 goldens. I LOVE potted boxwoods… although I love gardening I never remember to water my plants at the front door either. And there’s that sweet fur baby again!! I am trying my thumb at several different plants myself and I’m doing alright with some and not as great with others. Naaaw, don’t replace her – your pup is so adorable . Mulch with wood chips or leaves, and wrap young plants in burlap. Friday is finally here! Hugs, Marty. Learn how your comment data is processed. i kill many potter plants. If I did this and left my pots out, they would freeze, so you have to tell everyone where you live or they might think that they could do this too. I like how you changed them up for fall. What a fantastic idea!! large concrete step pavers boast a grand entrance up to a front door with a Juliet balcony overhead. Transplant potted shrubs to the ground in fall, or keep them in an unheated shelter such as a garage during the winter. I often find it to be true that when you see a potted boxwood somewhere in the landscape, there is a tremendous chance that the … I don’t think I could replace her with a potted boxwood? Check back later today for some front door inspiration photos. Indoor and Outdoor 5 ft. Naturally grown and preserved boxwood leaves are expertly assembled by hand in this simple yet lush topiary. I love this more ornate door handle. Boxwood plants, trees and topiary in large sizes look gorgeous on a front porch area. They look so good beside my front door. Make Offer - Potted Boxwood. Matches nicely with real boxwood. . Absolute love the two pre-potted 4' spiral Boxwood artificial plants!!! This is my first summer front porch! She’s just one more thing that has to be watered! $21.38. Ok now I want spring to arrive RIGHT NOW! with an impressively real look, this boxwood makes a striking accent piece next to a grand front door, in the corner of a luxurious master bathroom or in a garden sunroom. 90. Walking through the cobblestone streets on an incline, there were vibrant hues of homes with perfectly bejeweled doors. If that seems far fetched, just add two potted boxwoods by the front door- they really do make life better! Details really do matter, especially upon first impression. I understand they save space from a bulky door and are very necessary in tight spaces. Apr 7, 2019 - Explore The Potted Boxwood's board "Doors", followed by 2534 people on Pinterest. Photo by Christina Dandar via The Potted Boxwood. And save those clippings, they make great wreaths that everyone is paying an arm and a leg for! Music often fills the streets with mariachi bands celebrating any festivity and banners swinging from rooftops across narrow caminos. Just wondering about the planter with the dome shaped top on top of some windows in framing. Couldn't be happier! I have 3 busy girls. ... Arcadia Silk Plantation 2 Pre-potted 4 Feet 2 Inches Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees in Plastic Pot. Hubby likes to give them a mix of epsom salts in water a couple of times a summer and they get really green and glossy. An absolutely hilarious event happened recently. The craftsmanship is spoken for in the eye of the architects, whose details are superb in every way. I recently came across the work of Andrew Skurman Architects who operates out of San Fransisco and Paris. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,438. It looks great with the toyaries! See more ideas about Planters, Boxwood planters, Outdoor gardens. what a cute post…your poor boxwoods…lol…I love Boxwoods fake or real. Your porch is so pretty and I love your front door! Overall: 34'' H x 12'' W x 12'' D; Overall Product Weight: 9lb. … The monogrammed rug is another classic look that I like. US Artificial Greenery Wreath Boxwood Garland Door Front Hanging Wreaths Decor. Houseables Artificial Boxwood Topiary, Fake Spiral Trees, 2 Pack, 4’, Plastic Plants, Outdoor Porch Décor, Faux Potted Bushes, Indoor Ornamental Tree, with Finial, for Front Door, Tall Entryway Shrubs $27.99 $ 27. It is absolutely amazing. This leaves very little time to water potted plants. English boxwood is quite the looker, but it shouldn't be used to flank your front door if you want to welcome guests without making them pinch their noses. Great idea to put them in pots for the steps. quickly become a gardener's treasure, as they add interest and versatility to entryways, patios and other garden features. I used them on my front porch where there is no irrigation. So, this might not work for everyone. I am also a big fan of boxwoods, I just hate trimming them. Love the boxwood … . Your porch looks beautiful! ;-D. When you share this post, I have to wonder where you live. too! Clipboard about Repurposed Doors. Possibly the greatest thing since adhesive plate hangers. I have mentioned before my appreciation and obsession with Christopher Spitzmiller lamps. I am going to get some more for in front of either side of our garage (apparently the globe cedars we had there needed a little more water and didn’t quite make it… oops). Potted Boxwood. New paint and hardware can change everything! ... 20" Large Boxwood Wreath for Front Door Wall Window Farmhouse Decoration. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Potted Garden. As a child, I was always stealing copies of my mother’s subscription to Southern Accents (RIP), and I have … I never really understood the draw of having to work in order to slide open and close a door. Would be beautiful and pretty on a black front door! If you prefer, you may order synthetic boxwood trees direct by calling 888.351.7525 Monday through Friday. The very present sounds of church bells make you feel as if you are roaming the streets of Italy without the long haul flight and time change. But, if you get crazy cold, this probably would not work for you! Buy two of the same style and place one on either side of your front door to give your curb appeal and your entryway an inviting, classy look. Thank you for sharing! Free shipping. Yes, if potted in a thick-walled insulating container, and your boxwood variety and low winter temperatures are in alignment with each other. Photo by Christina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood, Beautiful industrial doors surrounded by Ivy and Boxwood via Elle Decor, DeVOL Kitchen with industrial doors via DeVol Pinterest. Be sure to follow The Potted Boxwood on Instagram next week for great design-inspired pictures from Colorado! The front door rug is from Frontgate. I’m pinning this idea and totally copying you! See more ideas about Doors, San miguel de allende, San miguel. My fun summer of travel has come to a close, but I truly did save the best for last. They bring the fabulous to functionality. Hi, Melissa! Thanks for the tip! To put in kindly and mildly, he is not the “handy type.” Way more cerebral than crafty (which in my opinion is always a better quality). i think boxwoods might be the plant for me! It’s so neat how you decorated them for each season. Commonly raised as Christmas trees, it must have full sunlight to thrive and also requires a great deal of watering. Oi! Trust me y’all, you won’t want to miss this treasure trove of chicly colorful, playfully patterned interiors. Good to know! 99 $29.99 $29.99. Friday is finally here! Blue skies and blue waters have me longing for the popular summer shade. Unfortunately, most doors aren’t built for them! The front door is painted Benjamin Moore “Palladian Blue” . These are my closest favorites! Banish the thought! While it always looks good in coastal towns, it can be very universal no matter where your home is located. -Karen. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. • Do not place in direct sunlight. P1080750 Egerton Crescent, Patio Garden, London SW3 ... this was the walkway to the front door: Boxwood Planters. Happy Wednesday! HGTV Gardens provides inspiration on how to trim your boxwoods into different shapes as well as use them as dramatic punctuation in the garden. A potted boxwood is a precursor, a telling symbol of timeless style. Your boxwoods look really great in the pots, I never of doing something like this and it’s pretty disappointing to lose a pot of flowers because you’re spread so thin. I am a busy gal. The front door and your porch are perhaps the first spaces your guests and visitors see, and they let to know more about the owners and the house itself, they create the first impression. Beautiful boxwoods and window boxes. Holy. xoxo. • Made of preserved boxwood leaves, willow and foam. They look amazing. An older photo of one of my absolute favorite Dallas houses with an industrial front door. FREE Shipping. Have a great weekend! Your golden is adorable too. I would like to share something with you today. I’m still dealing with snow and your front porch is looking amazing and oh so pretty. By mid-summer all my container plants are gasping & wilting. Boxwood Landscaping. Mine porch is not half as lovely as yours but they certainly would improve it! What is the item on top? i just kill plants. Such a great idea! This new breed of pocket doors is larger, lacquered, mirrored, molded and full of interesting  hardware. You know you’d never replace ZuZu!! Potted Boxwoods! I grew up in a home full of pocket doors, and honestly I used to despise them. Boxwood does very well in cold weather, but since all that’s keeping the cold out is a thin plastic or clay wall, boxwood shrubs in containers are a little more at risk in the winter. Our temperatures dive into the teens in the winter, and they weather fine. Your email address will not be published. Nov 5, 2020 - Explore Mark Wright's board "Boxwood Planters" on Pinterest. For indoor or outdoor use. The architectural team does a breathtaking job of incorporating unique elements into timeless architecture to create stunning masterpieces across the globe. Where did you find those cute carrots? Whether your door is sophisticated navy or robin’s egg, sky blue or cornflower, blue can be very effective shining out front. Details really do matter, especially upon first impression. My boxwood has gone all winter at my front door without hardly a drop. These topiary trees are the perfect complement for our courtyard and front door. I’m thinking I going to have to give it a try. Your boxwoods look great. • Spot clean.… I tried to water them about twice a week during the summer. Many Texans flock to the mountains of Colorado to escape the heat, yet a large percentage also go to San Miguel. They make such an inviting entrance to your lovely home. Potted Outdoor Topiary Trees are one of the fastest growing artificial home decor products on the market. There is something so elegantly classic and refined about having a big round fixture in the middle of the door. $145.00 +$90.71 shipping. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! But, I think I will make a believer out of you. Stunning curb appeal featuring tall potted topiaries around a front door in front of a white two store home with black shutters. See more ideas about outdoor gardens, garden, garden inspiration. Boxwood Hedge. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It's known to … I went with the classic blue and white combo with touches of pink here and there. Outdoor artificial topiary plants are quickly being recognized as the number one outdoor decoration that can fill any need. Check back later today for some front door inspiration photos. May 26, 2018 - Explore Alisa Lucas-Brown's board "Boxwood Container Garden" on Pinterest. I love all your planters, thanks for sharing. Overall: 48'' H x 12'' W x 10'' D; Overall Product Weight: 13.75lb. You have made a believer out of me!! $146.90 $ 146. The boxwoods never outgrow the pots? From French, to Georgian, to Mediterranean design, these architects take houses to new heights by adding the perfect amount of character for things not to look too “new,” as well as the addition of carefully appointed landscaping. Place the door-side to frame the entryway or indoors for a French-inspired vignette. Double Ball Leucodendron Topiary with Decorative Vase. Let me show you why they are so fantastic. I love boxwood, but I never would have thought of them as a potted plant? They’re super nice looking, but totally not as handsome (or beautiful) as the Goldie! Krista. Two Artificial Boxwood Cylinder Hedge Round Topiary Trees; 58 inches tall (The height is from the bottom of the pot to the top of the tree. So good to know! Two 4 Foot Outdoor Artificial Cedar Topiary Trees Uv Rated Potted Plants. I love boxwood, but I’ve never tried them in pots! A Lincoln Park, Chicago townhouse. Doors. While I am focusing on all my travel essentials, I didn’t want to leave you without one great post to hold you over for the next week (yes, I am taking a week off- so be sure to check instagram for fun photos). I agree, there are already too many things in my life that need watering! Potted boxwood topiaries (Buxus spp.) Posted by melissa on Apr 17, 2013 in boxwoods, front porch, outdoors | 31 comments. Sorry Zone 4 and colder, no dice, unless you are bringing into a well-lit freeze free, but cool area for the winter. I HAD NO IDEA you could stick boxwoods in a pot! San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico is the most charming town nestled in the hills. Summer Front Porch Ideas. I will say, my favorite kind of front door knob is one in the middle of the door. Each lifelike plant is made of ultra-durable, UV-protected plastic and comes potted in a plastic liner, ready to be enjoyed for years in your favorite planter or urn.For outdoor or indoor use. But your porch looks awesome! Cow. They are often hard to lock and not always visually appealing. Our verdant, sculpted boxwood topiary makes a beautiful addition to any space, outdoors and even inside. Mona, Love the boxwoods. front door plants. The chicest kitchen with an interior industrial door by Banks Development. I realize it isn’t practical, but is anything you want for your home ever that necessary?? I will go into more depth of the town tomorrow, but for today I want to focus on the doors (puertas in Spanish). I wish more homes had this feature. I especially like the dwarf English ones which keep a nice round shape and don’t need to be trimmed too often. • Terracotta pot included. Another option is to choose shrubs that are one to two hardiness zones tougher than yours. I thought I would share some of the best hardware finds that I passed along to my friend. Have you noticed how expansive fake boxwoods are?? Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. These are the type of doors you want to take out of your back pocket and into your home! Like 12 bucks for one…. I eventually just called a plumber when I was in Florida for the holidays. Thanks for the tip! See more ideas about Beautiful gardens, Outdoor gardens, Garden design. See more ideas about planters, boxwood planters, planter boxes. I think I’m going to try this and mix with some flowers. I love scrolling through to see Spitzmiller’s and Sam Allen’s posts of the view of the garden at Clove Brook Farm in rain, fog, snow, and sunshine. They are so easy to care for and make a great base for holiday decorations. Let’s be honest, the front door is the first impression of the home. I LOVE potted boxwoods… although I love gardening I never remember to water my plants at the front door either. 4.7 out of 5 stars 905. We have boxwood hedges all around our garden beds. I love the look of boxwoods, and am also horrible about watering my plants. Most American homes place our door knobs to the left or the right, but I personally look forward to creating my own door one day with a knob in the middle. The comfort of being instagram friends with Spitzmiller has made me feel very accustomed to this home (in the weird way that social media can make one familiar). To me, a potted boxwood by the front door, or anywhere in the landscape, is a fairly certain declaration that what is inside is something worth seeing. I live in the great state of Tennessee! I got a call from my trusty dad a bit out of breath. Design by Collins Interiors. Oct 12, 2015 - Explore Chris Beard's board "Boxwood Planters", followed by 125 people on Pinterest. This Sunday (8/16) at 4pm CT, we are going to step inside the new home of Cynthia Collins of Collins Interiors. XO- Christina. While curb appeal (and lots of potted boxwood) makes a house inviting, it is the inside that truly counts. I am going to plant some boxwoods this weeks. I am planning on doing this soon! While I love a good Aspen trip, I think I fell hard for the rich cultural and visual paradise that is San Miguel. The odds are substantial that if you see a beautifully designed room, his lamps are somewhere in the mix. It is absolutely amazing. just plants. Unfortunately, most doors aren’t built for them!
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