Kedo files system are the world’s first files designed for root canal preparation in primary teeth. The primary purpose of a post is to retain a core in a tooth with extensive loss of coronal tooth structure (34, 35). However, primary teeth … The contents of the root canal system are removed during the biomechanical preparation. primary teeth followed by a space maintainer to treat these issues. Primary teeth that have exposed pulp tissue resulting from caries, mechanical removal of carious tissue, or preventive procedures on severely abraded teeth require a pulpotomy or pulpectomy. Solanki,A. Then obturation was done using Metapex till the apical closure Fig. Biomechanical preparation was done. Conclusion. Biomechanical preparation was done using pediatric rotary files, and they were dried using absorbent paper points. This study, comprised by one manuscript, had the objective to evaluate the antiseptic efficacy of biomechanical preparation and a calcium hydroxide-paste in root canals of human primary teeth with necrotic pulp after trauma and to detect the microorganisms Fusobacterium nucleatum and black-pigmented bacilli in this teeth. In spite of appropriate biomechanical preparation in permanent teeth, irrigation and obturation, the Root Canal Treatment (RCT) fails whereas in young permanent teeth, obturation in teeth with open apices is difficult [1,2]. 3. The thirty extracted maxillary anterior teeth were randomly divided into three groups of ten Clinical differences of hand and rotary instrumentations during biomechanical preparation in primary teeth-A systematic review and meta-analysis. August 20, 2020 [ MEDLINE Abstract] Exploring the risk factors for early-life sugar consumption: A birth cohort study. A clean root canal system along with a three-dimensional seal is the clinician’s path to success. Is noteworthy that although there are no studies that assess the biomechanical preparation in primary teeth using micro-computed tomography (micro-CT), this methodology has been commonly used for this purpose in permanent teeth, as it allows a three-dimensional non- 2. Recently, an exclusive paediatric endodontic file system has been introduced for cleaning and shaping of primary root canals. Biomechanical preparation 1. Hence; we aim to provide review on some of the important aspects of the biomechanical preparation of the teeth. teeth, preparation of root canals and cauterization of pulps in his book ‘Le chirurgien dentiste’, no systematic description of preparation of the root canal system could be found in the literature at that time. Kedo files are available in Hand type (Kedo - SH) and rotary type (Kedo - S, Kedo - SG). Ltd. India) consists of three Ni-Ti rotary files. Keywords: Diode laser, Primary teeth, Disinfection, Enterococcus faecalis Background Dental caries and pulpitis are common diseases in children; notably, if the pulpitis cannot be controlled, it can result in primary tooth loss at early ages, affecting chewing, pronun-ciation, and aesthetics. These toxins are the offending agent for peri-apical pathology. ... , trauma, or wear, restorative materials must be used to reestablish form and function. Biomechanical principles of TOOTH PREPARATION FOR FIXED PARTIAL DENTURE. endodontic preparation of primary teeth, since appointment length is a crucial factor for pediatric patient compliance, and maintaining ... After biomechanical preparation, root canals were placed again on the radiographic plat-form and radiographed in proximal and fron- Following the instrumentation, the canals are dried and cotton pellet moistened with root The access opening was sealed by glass ionomer cement. Endodontic treatment in primary teeth can be challenging and time consuming, especially during canal preparation, which is considered one of the most important steps in root canal therapy.