Lol. 2. It is also the sole official language in the tiny country of Andorra. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY - CLICK TO LEARN HOW WE KEEP YOU SAFE ON TOUR, By Marta Laurent Veciana You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Catalan is a language spoken only in Catalonia, a region in Spain, whereas Spanish is the official language in Spain and it is the second most spoken language in the world. It was meant to point out that the t is dropped. What is the difference between Catalan and Spanish? Castellano (what we refer to as Spanish) employs only the acute accent ´ to indicate primary stress on a vowel that would otherwise not be stressed; however, Catalan primarily uses the grave ` accent but also the acute accent with the vowels e & o. In Catalonia, this difference is most notably felt outside Barcelona as Catalan is the main language spoken on a … Other languages in the Romance Family include French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese. pretty much everyone in Barcelona speaks or at least knows Castillian Spanish, so it's not pure Catalan there. Catalan has a lot of similarities with both French and Spanish but to me having studied it, Catalan is clearly distinct from both other these other Romance languages and easily recognizable as such. The voiced sound of ‘z’ does not exist in Spanish. But a Catalan speaker would certainly be helpful. Hey, native Catalan speaker! If you can’t find any of it, consider looking into Amazon. So, the main differences. memobekes. Catalan does use the English sound for sh (but used when x is written), but in Spanish you’ll only hear it in some areas of Andalusia, Argentina and Uruguay. In Catalan g is pronounced like English does the s in measure (a sound that doesn’t exist in Spanish, except for a dialect spoken in Argentina and Uruguay). Catalan has a number of phonemes (sounds) and combinations/strings/clusters of sounds that you will not hear in Castellano. Catalan is the official language of Andorra, co-official with Spanish and Occitan in Catalonia, co-official with Spanish in the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community—with the denomination of Valencian in the latter—and co-official with Italian in the city of Alghero. Not necessarily reading short stories though, unfortunately. 7 Answers. It is also the sole official language in the tiny country of Andorra. Some people call Catalan a dialect in a pejorative way (it is well known that Spanish and Catalan communities don’t always like each other much, unfortunately…). Through the Spanish domination after the conquest of America, Spanish rooted in most of Central and South America. How similar is Catalan to Spanish? For example, in the verb ‘saber’, the s sounds like it would in ‘aspect’. Therefore, both languages were born at the same time. As a music student, you must also know that singing a language can be significantly different than speaking it. She’s right to suggest that we wouldn’t be able to pronounce Catalan natively, but she’s wrong to think that it shouldn’t be on our minds. I’m still learning new words, but so far cardinal numbers seem to give a level understanding of the relationship between these languages. In many aspects, Catalan grammar is more similar to French and Italian than to Spanish (what makes it easier for Catalan speakers to learn these languages, woohoo!). Did you not read that I’d been in BCN for only 2 months and “do not speak Catalan”? It’s just a regional accent, and not that different.It’s about as different as e.g. I probably couldn’t. If you study Old Spanish, you will find even more similarity between Catalan and Spanish, in terms of both vocabulary and pronunciation. Dogs in Spanish bark “guau guau”, while in Catalan they bark “bup bup”! There are always exceptions, and as we’ve seen, languages within a single family tend to be more similar to one or two rather than to all the others equally. In fact, Spanish is second only to Chinese in terms of the number of native speakers. Sanchez, Gonzalez, Perez, Alvarez, Gomez………. Regardless of all this little stuff, I’ve really enjoyed reading this. Anyone? Spanish speakers will still have an easier time learning Catalan because of the grammatical structures. One of the main Catalan and Spanish differences are sounds (or what linguists call phonemes). you can learn Catalan if you live in Barcelona. No. The Spanish government sacked the Catalan leaders, dissolved parliament and called a snap regional election on 21 December 2017, which nationalist parties won. And there’s also very subtle variations when two vowels combine in diphthongs – but discussing that would be too much for the scope of this blog post. Catalan uses constant clusters whereas Spanish requires a vowel sound between consonant sounds (most of the time). These cookies do not store any personal information. All in all, it’s hard to calculate the number of speakers but it moves between 9 and 10 million. Plus it is very easy to learn and use! A love affair with Aji de Gallina in Lima, Peru; and, where to find Paula’s in Mercado de Magdalena, The good, the bad, and the ugly: the Lima traffic paradox, Find unparalleled ceviche in Lima at Cevicheria Carmencita, A letter to my father on what to visit in Barcelona during the 2017 INTA Annual Meeting, Getting a Cita Previa Appointment in the Spanish System, How to Apply for the Spanish NIE/TIE in Barcelona, How to Renew Your NIE in Barcelona, Spain, How to Apply for the Spanish Student Visa at the Consulate in Chicago, The Vagabond’s Cheap Way for Visiting Volubilis and Moulay Idriss from Fes. Interestingly, the number of people who can understand Catalan but don’t speak it would be around 11 million. The pronunciation of Spanish and Catalan is largely the same, relative to other languages. French comes in a near second in terms of words in common. And it is also spoken in the Pyrénées Orientales area of the South of France, as well as in the town of Alghero in Sardinia. And Catalan shares a typical adverbial pronoun that exists in French, the y (French), versus Catalan’s ‘hi‘. This is specially visible when examining vowels. 4. votes. Thanks in advance! Can anyone here advise me or suggest what I can do to pull off this beautiful piece? No. In the modern era, the Catalan government saw a decline first with the union … 1 decade ago. But not all Spanish is the same. Learn Catalan in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. There are others as well, including Valencian and Galician (also spoken in Spain). Catalan to Spanish Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. “Like in Portuguese, the final ‘r’ of an infinitive verb is dropped.” 5 in catalan is spelled as “cinc” and not “cinq”. 23 posts 1; 2; Next; Catalan vs Spanish. The center of Spain (Castilia) was more in touch with Iberian and Celtics, whereas Catalonia was more open to the Mediterranean sea and connected to the Occitan world beyond the Pyrenees. Catalan is a Romance language like Spanish but is not a subset of Spanish itself. You may be wondering, 'is Catalan Spanish?'. Hey, i’m catalan and what does it mean “Ara fant”? Galician is closer to Portuguese than Spanish, but Valencian and Catalan are closer to Spanish first and French second. Keep in mind that so far, I’m a novice Catalan speaker. If you want to know how Anonymous. Instead, the s sounds exactly like it would in English. When I say ‘comes from’, what I truly mean is that they share those aspects equally. When I was in Barcelona I tried to find a Catalan phrasebook, either Spanish/Catalan, or English/Catalan. Articles about travel, language, and culture. Hitchhiking is a better way of learning a language than in academia. I still believe that if it’s your principal goal to learn a language, then the best way to do it is to hitchhike in the areas it’s spoken. Eivissa is Ibiza. Is Catalan a dialect? Did you know that over 661 million people around the world speak Spanish? Galician is closer to Portuguese than Spanish, but Valencian and Catalan are c… If everyone (or even a significant portion of people) in this world maintained this concept as a goal whenever writing or speaking, there would be significant and major decrease in conflict; because I have learned that a great deal of conflict actually stems from misunderstanding and miscommunication, which becomes interpreted as disagreement or a conflict in ideas or goals which actually doesn’t exist. English speakers are used to articulating consonant clusters, and we’re also pretty good with linkage between words. It does have some tricky sounds and it is not written exactly phonetically, but it follows fairly easy to understand patterns and rules. If you want an example of a final t not being pronounced, look at all the gerunds of verbs. Latin American Spanish has many regional variations between Central and South America and the Many travelers are surprised to see that Catalan is so prominent in the local society. Catalan speakers are bilingual. posted by charitybear. Never been a place where one was for sale, not in the tourist shops, not in the bookstores. (Actually, in the airport Spanish and English are also featured in the signs, but in a smaller font size). My favorite example, and one that I use often in my tours when I’m asked about how is Catalan compared to Spanish, are the words for cat and dog. I asked, in Spanish. Well, I’m also a foreigner living here in Barcelona and enjoy speaking Catalan. Also, I’m not sure what is meant here by “ara fant” ? I always like to see other people interested in the language. Only later did I work out that this was not just casual disdain for the Basques but a different Catalan way of looking at the Spanish state. However, Catalonian history tells a complex tale between two distinct regions of Spain. You should not have any problems. To this we must add the Schwa (the infamous “vocal neutra”, feared by Catalan students who always have a hard time to figure out if they should write an a or an e. In English you find it in words like comma. Dude if you think you can learn Portuguese in just two months try to read the short stories of Guimarães Rosa. © ForeverBarcelona 2020 | Registry Number GT-002276. Catalan is not just a dialect of Spanish- not at all! An interesting fact is that the English word “and” is “y” in Spanish and “i” in Catalan (both pronounced like English “e”). Hello! Keep working and learning! In (European) Portuguese we do not drop the ‘r’ at the end of any infinitive verbs. Nowhere. Spanish is the second most spoken language by mother tongue (after Chinese), with over 463 milion native speakers – 47 milion of which in Spain. The Spanish letter ch doesn’t exist in Catalan, although its sound (like in English cheap) does happen in other letter combinations (x-, -tx-, -ig) and depending on the dialect. The importance of vowels, particularly in Romance languages should not be underestimated. Catalan is a language in its own right. i learnd spanish in three month in Madrid,I love castillano. Catalan (like English), is not. The Catalan authorities went through with the vote, leading to violence inside and around polling stations as Spanish security forces seized ballot … The rolled r sound that is so hard for English-speakers to learn… is used in both Spanish and Catalan! Many words in Catalan and Spanish are similar because they have common Latin roots. Here, I’m lucky if I can dedicate an hour to it per day. Catalan Vs Spanish. Duolingo lessons adapt to your learning style. Also, Spanish orthography is pretty straight forward, with few exceptions. It’s observation from a learner. And in Valpuesta (Castilla y León), they also found some other shorter texts in a very archaic Spanish from a century earlier. No, they are different languages. In France, you have to speak French. Whenever an S is followed by a consonant that is voiced, the S becomes voiced an a Z is produced. Thinking of a trip to Barcelona with our children - the 'excuse' (as if we need one!) Both Spanish and Catalan are an evolution from Latin, brought by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. In fact, Catalan as a language is closer to French and Italian than Spanish or Portuguese. The answer is no. Basically, one of the more important differences between the languages that you left out, is that Spanish has 5 vowels, while Catalan has no less than 8 when spoken (depending on dialect), although just 7 when written. *Correction over here. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. People born and raised in Barcelona are fluent in both languages, because we learn both at school. german grandma and have been a yankee living in Montana for 50 years, #2 is wrong that sound (lh/gl) is common in European Spanish its Ll as in llave (lyah-beh) the catalan L that spanish doesn’t have is the dark L. I know of no one who pronounces ‘llave’ with the same sound as English ‘MilLIon’. This post gets enough traffic that your input will be valuable! 0 0. Probably too late by now… But I would strongly warn against “learning the song in Spanish and then tweaking some words”. Hundreds of travelers like you have been helped by our BARCELONA COLLECTION: Hotel ideas, restaurant recommendations, travel tips and much more. But I firmly believe that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right! But learning another language has its levels. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Catalan is pronounced significantly different than Spanish, listening to the same person saying the same thing in both languages one can get an appreciation of just how different the two languages are. You were probably reading Catalan. This gave Castilian Spanish more prestige, and it took on a more important role than Catalan.